At INFINIA we accept unsolicited manuscripts. We ask that you send the following information to this address:

  1. Outline of the book
  • A summary of the book (.doc or .pdf) on one page maximum.
  • The genre of the manuscript and the total number of pages.
  • If the book is Non-Fiction, please indicate the message you hope to convey in one phrase or one paragraph and define your target audience.
  • The first 5 chapters of the book including an index or overview if it has one (.doc o .pdf).
  1. Outline of the author 
  • A CV with a photo. Please let us know if you have published other books or articles and your contact details.
  • Let us know if you have social media accounts or a website.
  • Please, make it clear to us if you have sent the proposal to other agencies or publishers.


  1. The documentation received will be closely assessed. For us to consider your application for reading, it is essential that you send us all requested documentation.
  2. If we are interested in the content of your book, we will get in touch to ask you to send us the full pdf and a printed copy by post for final assessment.
  3. Once the manuscript has been assessed and if the decision is positive we will contact you with regard to our future If the decision is negative, we will also get in touch with the author by mail.
  4. The maximum response time is three months.