fabiana fondevila

Fabiana Fondevila

Fabiana Fondevila is a writer, journalist and researcher of wisdom tradition. She currently offers courses and workshops in which she invites participants to rediscover emotions such as wonder, joy and gratitude, through reconnecting with nature, deepening bonds and experiencing the mystery that lives in the heart of life. 

She presents these ideas and experiences at conferences in educational and health fields, and teaches individual and collective practices to promote growth and support life journeys. 

She is the author of a dozen children’s and young adult books and in 2017, her novel Ana despierta [Ana Awakes] won second prize in the Sigmar Award for Children’s and Young-Adult Literature in Argentina. She is a columnist for La Nación online and occasionally writes forClarín and other media outlets in Argentina. 

Her latest book, Donde vive el asombro. Prácticas para cultivar lo sagrado en la vida cotidiana, [Where Wonder Lives. Practices for cultivating the sacred in your daily life] will be published by Findhorn Press in February 2021.