The secret in the aticc. A story for learning to play chess.

Nerea Riesco




Educational storybook about chess



Rights available worldwide except for Italy. Published by:

Toro Mítico. Almuzara, 2009. Spain
Salani Editore. Garzanti Libri, 2011. Milán. Italy

Alex, a very curious boy, finds a dusty chessboard in the attic. The beautiful wooden game has been lying there forgotten, ever since electronic games arrived in the house. When the boy takes a closer look, he sees that lying there, next to the board, are some peculiar wooden pieces that suddenly come alive before his eyes. The ruler of this strange kingdom takes it upon himself to teach Alex the basic rules of the game of chess, and introduce him to all his subjects. Each of them reveal their individual characters: the Pawns are small but brave, the Rooks are strong, the Queen, powerful…

His new friends tell him that if children stop playing chess, their entire world of black and white squares will vanish. From that moment, Alex becomes one of them and sets off on an adventure, riding his horse Centalla in a race against time to save the forgotten world of Chess.

A unique, playful and educational way to introduce young readers to the world of chess.


As an educational storybook designed to introduce children to the game of chess for the first time, it is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12 years.